Vimax TESTIMONIALS from Male Customers and Doctors


Since 2001, Vimax Pills have been purchased by over 1,000,000 men worldwide. Our product is trusted by men around the world for its great effectiveness and safety.

You learn two things from reading these stories real for our customers. First, that you are not alone, and most men have doubts, concerns and sexual problems from time to time. Secondly, you will see that Vimax T addresses all these concerns with the power to restore your sex life at all grandeur.

Testimonial From Dr. Mario Dumitrascu, M.D.

doctest-img1In my professional career I have tested and analyzed several drugs and herbal based products from different companies around the world. It is with great respect and honor that I accepted to review the best male virility enhancer pill on the market, Vimax.

As a doctor I have met a lot of patients concerned about their sexual health and performance, in particular about their libido and virility. Most of my male patients asked to recommend a solution that effective and safe without side effects. In this context, testing Vimax was a great opportunity for me and my patients.
First step in my review was to fully analyze the natural ingredients used in Vimax and study every single ingredient based on existing medical researches.

All the ingredients used in Vimax are 100% safe and natural with no side effect if taken as directed. Based on the research and my own experience I can certify that medium to long term usage of Vimax will increase sexual desire and stamina along with boosting overall virility.
Second step in my review was to test Vimax with voluntary patients in a clinical trial over an 8 months period. Patients that took Vimax reported an improved sexual performance, more stamina and more sex desire and overall potency. Beside physical effects mentioned above, Vimax has positive psychological effects and increased self esteem and self confidence in my patient’s behavior. By enhancing male virility, the frustration reduces, which leads to increased level of confidence. It is known that self-confidence and self-esteem positively correlate with the way the individual perceives himself, but also with the way others perceive that person.
Additionally, one of my longitudinal studies proves that product has no side effects if taken as directed as the product is 100% natural.
Finally, in many years of practice I tested and reviewed several herbal based products, but none of them impressed and was as breakthrough as Vimax.
I would recommend Vimax for every man that wants to improve the virility, increase sexual performance, stamina and sex desire, and have more self confidence and self esteem regarding their sexual life. In conclusion, I can say with certainty that Vimax is efficient, safe, and without side effects. Moreover, Vimax is approved by the medical community and many of my physician colleagues recommend it to their patients on a regular base for several years now.
Vimax review and recommendation, by Dr. Mario Dumitrascu, M.D.

Testimonial From Paul Schultz, CA –

2 Inches in Growth in 3 Months

ucm461379I never thought I would purchase penis pills that are so often advertised in the media. I have read the doctor said that no sites of herbal supplements can never help you to increase the size of your penis. It depressed me a lot because I could not say that I had a big penis sufficient to elicit one of my partners smile. As I am not so young my sexual performance leaves much to be desired as well.

With the guarantee that I would not want to lose my money anyway, I tried 3 bottles of your Vimax Pills and could not believe the results I saw. In about 3 weeks to take the pills that I have seen a significant increase in circumference and in a few weeks, he began more and more. At the time I finished my third bottle I had more than 2 inches on me and a considerable improvement in my sex life. It is certainly worth the money I paid.You know how they say: “miracles are not coincidental, they are initially very well prepared.” There is no doubt that your company put a lot of time and effort to help people begin.

Testimonial From John Disher, NY –

1.5 Inches in Growth in just 2 Months

200x220-vimaxI always thought I needed a costly surgery to increase my size, which would make my penis look ugly and give me pain and erectile dysfunction. I read it happened a lot. Well, frankly speaking, I did not have enough money for that anyway. So I just got reconciled to the fate of the “little man” and did the giggling in the gym or the pool from lockers. Until I came across your site.

Well what can I say, it is really difficult to overestimate the importance of what you are doing. In 2 months of taking Vimax Pills I managed to get 1.5 inches! My sexual desire has increased, and my erections has become wider and more durable. Not to mention that I had more to laugh behind my back. Now, I meet eyes filled with amazement and surprise.

Testimonial From Richard Keaton, NY –

Gained almost 2 inches in just 3 months
My relationship with my girlfriend was falling, because outside our sex life. My penis was only 4.7 inches by the end of the erection and I knew that this was not enough to satisfy my partner. She could never get a real orgasm if it was fake it not to disappoint me. After taking pills Vimax for 3 months, I averaged 6.5 inches. Now, my girlfriend can not wait for me to return to work so that we can start making love. Now we make love at least 5 times a week. Before there were times when we have not seen each other naked for weeks. Thanks to Vimax I started to enjoy my sex life.

Testimonial From Ben Merlow, OH –

Ben gained 3 full inches with our product
Hi, my name is Ben. I would really like to say a compliment to your company. Not only your pills worked for me (that I was not really sure), but they totally changed my life. I was 4 inches long before taking Vimax and 6 months I have full 3 inches your best face together. I was slightly less than average and hopes to reach at least an inch just to be like everyone, but I was just fabulous results of your pills. Instead of being anxious, timid and floating I am now alive and kicking. This is probably the first time that I feel a real man. Sorry I can not write any longer because I had a lot of things to do in my life.

Testimonial From Eric Kerwin, FL –

Amazing 2.5 Inches in Growth in 4 Months
I am very grateful to Vimax introduction of these miraculous changes in my life. Having gained 2.5 inches to 4 months supply and became more passionate and sexually attractive, I was still able to establish the relationship with my wife (we were on the verge of divorce) by the mere fact of having great sex with her. I feel more confident now. I am very happy! Thank you very much and good luck to you.

Testimonial From Ronald D., DE –
Ronald improved his endurance and now can enjoys sex much longer

Firstly, I wish to thank Vimax for letting me share my story with you all. I’m Ron and my problem before taking Vimax Pills was described as “60 SECONDS MAN.” I could orgasm in less than a minute and that always me a long-term relationship with a woman. Now after taking the pill for 2 months, I was making love as long as 40 minutes. I’ve finally been able to satisfy my partner and I think to propose to its next month.

Testimonial From Joshua Grant, NV –

Josh can finally maintain his newly bigger and harder erection throughout the whole sexual actMy problem used to be losing an erection in the middle of a sexual act. You can understand how embarrassed I used to get each time, followed by apologies stupid on my part about how I had problems at work, or any other BS. My doctor advised me to take Viagra and it did help me, but the cost is outrageous. I spent more than $ 500 the last 4 months on Viagra and deeply regret that I did not find site before. After taking your pills I have seen an increase in the length of my penis and now I’m able to keep my erection throughout the sexual act

Testimonial From Mike Seaward, KY –

Mike started enjoying sex again because of Vimax Pills
My sex life was really become a routine. I was pretty OK with it hard. I lasted long enough but I could not do that emotionally tense as I used when I studied in college. Since my sexual gradually feelings boring and every night was just like the previous one. Thanks to Vimax Pills that experience helped me more than sexual pleasure, intensified orgasms and my honey on top of sexual sensations.


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