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    steve lee

    I recently leased a domain from Huge Domains, and I am glad I did, as I found out later the name of the domain was trademarked, and if I had bought the domain, then the domain would have been useless to my niche, not only that, I would have lost quite a bit of money….

    I know better, but for whatever reason, I did not check the trademark on the domain
    before I went ahead and leased the domain from Huge Domains, and thus, I cancelled
    the lease, and probably will never use them again; after all, who really reads TOS?
    I bet you when you signed up to DP that you did not bother to read the terms….
    and I would also bet that 99.9% of web users ever read the terms, and this is how
    Huge Domains preys on your ignorance, and once you are caught up, its too late….

    Why would a legitimate company hide info so useful concerning trademark deep
    in their terms of service page that know one really reads to begin with? This is
    not by mistake; this is on purpose, why? more money for them if you are ignorant…

    Is this the type of dirty business you want to run? Huge Domains could easily put
    something about trademark on every-single domain page that they sell, however,
    what incentive would they get from being honest? If you think about it, bad for
    business to deceive clients, and future clients, so you keep my $100, as it
    will be the last dollar you will ever get from me!

    Huge Domains should be educating their clients, not hiding this info deep on the
    terms page, then capitalize on it later by saying “you should have read the terms…”
    only a dishonest company with full intent would pull this crap….

    Another lost customer,
    I can not trust any company that conducts
    business in this deceitful manner….


    eric mac

    Really interesting, Do you think that they knew it was trademarked? Could it have been an honest mistake on their end?


    faxx Ik

    Can you just cancel the lease without paying the remaining balance? Didn’t they try to collect against you? To me they always looked very expensive at huge domains dot com.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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