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    eric mac

    Normally you need a lot of different websites in different IP addresses to promote your money website. It is for SEO purpose.

    Buffer / Pumper Sites

    With every project I start and I want to rank, I build a few 2.0s right away with a single filler article and I let them age. It does depend on KW competition to some extent. For a super easy KW I will build 10 2.0s and let them start aging. For a higher competition I build at least 20.

    A Web 2.0 is a blog. Blogger, WordPress, Tumbler, ect. You want to build your 2.0s as Do – Follow links. You can get No – Follow in a far easier way and I prefer to work with as much efficacy as possible.

    After a few weeks, I add an article with a link. The article on your 2.0s can be all the same exact article if you want to save money. Take your article, manually edit the copy for as many 2.0s as you have. Then put it through a spinner. Once it is spun, re – read it and edit out mistakes. Now you have as many unique articles as you need. Do not complicate things here. Make it unique manually, make sure it can be read and it will stick.

    Depending on your KW selection depends what anchor you use for the 2.0. If you pick easy competition KWs, you will not need stronger links like SAPE / PBN / Guest Posts. Do not complicate things. If your KW is easy, the 2.0s should have mostly exact anchor match. The 2.0s adds authority to your site and will be your ‘power’ links. For higher competition, 2.0s will just be for authority.



    Cor Aarns

    Good info!

    I also have domains/sites just sitting and  aging which I use to ‘jumpstart’/help any new projects I work on.

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